Smalltalk Events in London

投稿日: 2010年11月17日, 投稿者: Jeremy Jordan

There are two interesting Smalltalk events in London next week.

Wolf Pack Programming?

投稿日: 2010年10月6日, 投稿者: Jeremy Jordan


Two Exciting Developer Events in Stockholm

投稿日: 2010年9月29日, 投稿者: Jeremy Jordan

We’re pleased to invite you to two free-of-charge developers’ events in Stockholm that could be exciting for you!

Meet Smalltalk Experts at 2010 International Smalltalk Conference

投稿日: 2010年8月27日, 投稿者: Jeremy Jordan

Cincom is pleased to announce that ESUG’s exciting list of speakers for the 2010 International Smalltalk Conference in Barcelona, Spain includes Cincom Smalltalk experts.